Pearl Harbor survivor dies

One of the last known Pearl Harbor survivors in Lonoke County, 91-year-old Charles Flynt Jr. of Cabot, passed away March 28. He was born on July 5, 1922, in the Smyrna-Fairview community off Hwy. 236 in Lonoke County. [Full Text]

Outpatient psychiatry often benefits

“We provide a unique service in the community,” Karen Ross of Allegiance Health Management said of Inspirations, North Metro Medical Center’s outpatient geriatric psychiatry clinic in Jacksonville. [Full Text]

AG: Avoid common scams

Arkansas consumers who are targeted by con artists risk more than just annoyance and inconvenience. Scammers can take hundreds or even thousands of dollars from consumers who fall victim to their illegal actions. [Full Text]

Oodles of ramen noodles

April used to be known as the month of showers that brought may flowers – but nowadays most people recognize as the month that the taxman cometh and taketh and taketh and taketh. [Full Text]

Foster grandparents receive praise

In honor of National Day of Service the Mayor of Batesville, Rick Elumbaugh, presented certificates of appreciation to staff members of the White River Area Agency on Aging and the Foster Grandparent Program on March 25 during Batesville’s City Council Meeting. [Full Text]

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April 2014 - Volume 2 - Number 12

What's on your Bucket List?

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman made millions in their comedic drama to do the things on their list before one of them died in their movie “Bucket List.” It used to be hush, hush, but with the release of that 2007 movie and the outstanding work of groups like the Make A Wish Foundation, Bucket Lists are all the rave. There is even a book out called “10,000 Ideas for Your Bucket List” by Mardisa Fabrega, and although it’s probably chock full of good suggestions, it is not on my Bucket List. [Full Text]

An outspoken advocate still speaks out on major issues

Dr. Joycelyn Elders may be 80, but the former surgeon general of the United States can still stir passions and is still giving voice to the issues she is passionate about. As an insider to the challenges of an aging population, Elders says, “Our country has done some good things to make getting older better. Medicare has made it better. You don’t have to worry about going broke if you get sick. Social security — we can go to the store and buy bread.” [Full Text]

Try being a kid again

One problem with getting old is when we start feeling old. Sometimes we long for the feelings we used to have as a kid. We remember when, as a child, we had imagination, excitement, fun, enthusiasm, curiosity, and joy. The world was full of wonder and excitement. We often found joy in even the smallest of things, like a Ladybug crawling across our palm. [Full Text]

The Caring Place, a Hot Springs treasure

Hot Springs is home to many treasures. Some are well known tourist attractions and some are natural wonders. The famous Hot Springs natural waters have drawn tourists to Hot Springs for many years to nurture both the body and soul, but there is another Hot Springs’ treasure that has been created to do the same thing for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and their caregivers. [Full Text]

Managing swallowing problems

Swallowing is a complex motor function and, therefore, may be affected by some chronic illnesses. The process begins unconsciously as the amount of saliva increases in the mouth when we see food. Then, the food is taken into the mouth where it is chewed and moved from side to side for chewing, tasting and shaping by the tongue. When the tongue pushes the food to the back of the mouth, the food touches the tonsil region and a swallow is initiated setting into motion the movement of the food through the throat and into the esophagus. The Mayo Clinic advises us that the swallow requires approximately 50 sets of muscles and nerves. [Full Text]

Small town mayor turns housing manager

Is there a big difference in being the mayor of a small town in Arkansas and being the manager of an elderly housing complex? Ask Mary Jane Erwin of Flippin Arkansas and the answer will be “not really.” Erwin said, “Both jobs are about connecting with people from all walks of life, one on one.” [Full Text]

Pryor introduces a bill to protect Medicare for Arkansas seniors

Senator Mark Pryor recently introduced the Medicare Protection Act, legislation expressing strong opposition to changes in Medicare that would reduce or eliminate guaranteed benefits or raise the eligibility age for hard-working seniors. [Full Text]

AAASEA bass tournament big success

Eric Agee and Floyd Fullerton from White Hall, Arkansas had the number one spot in the Bill Sanders-Bo Piper Memorial Benefit Bass Tournament held Saturday April 5 on the Arkansas River at Pine Bluff. With their limit of five fish, the scales topped at 22.23 pounds for the 17th Annual event held by the Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas. They took home the $2500 cash prize. [Full Text]

April Events

Hot Springs Tulip Show,
Senior Events at Peti Jean,
Exhibit Honoring Economist,
16TH Annual Walnut Ridge Army Air Field Reunion,
Frog Listening Workshop,
Senior Show in Arkadelphia,
Tai Chi for Diabetes,
Meals on Wheels Parade,
& 12TH Annual Strawbery Festival. [Full Text]