Looking for your roots? Find them here

A distant relative has been in touch with my paternal grandparents in recent years, providing them with family history he’s researched, such as a pedigree, some legal documents like census records, etc. He’s traced a family line dating to the Revolutionary War. [Full Text]

Help older friends and family members enjoy holiday celebrations

NORTH LITTLE ROCK – For many older adults, the upcoming holiday season can be highly stressful, confusing or lonely. CareLink suggests the following ways to help your older family members and friends enjoy the holiday season: [Full Text]

Mental health awarenes

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. [Full Text]

Clients robbed, injured

A married couple, clients of the Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas, Inc., was victims of robbery in October. [Full Text]

UAMS forms center will develop alliances for providing health care

In an effort to promote best care closest to home, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) has established a center that will look for partnerships, and collaborations in underserved areas to assist with routine care and provide access to specialty care. [Full Text]

Arkansas’ rich entertainment history

Do you know what Lisa Blount, Alan Ladd, Gail Davis and Gil Gerard have in common? No clue? How about some more familiar names like Glen Campbell,  Mary Steenburgen, Johnny Cash and Billy Bob Thornton? [Full Text]

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December 2013 - Volume 2 - Number 8

Jacksonville resident remembers attack on Pearl Harbor

It has been 72 years since Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. For Jacksonville resident James Atkinson, he can remember that morning like it happened yesterday. Atkinson, 87, was a 16-year-old living with his family in the Manoa Valley of Honolulu, east of Pearl Harbor. Although he could not see Pearl Harbor from where they lived, Atkinson could tell something bad was happening. [Full Text]

A Christmas story

Winnie Moore was 83 years old. She lived alone in the small two bedroom, one bath, house that she and her husband had built on the 2 acres he inherited when they were both very young. Winnie had married her high school sweetheart, Albert, (She called him “Bert” for short.) although their torrid romance had kept them both from finishing high school. During their marriage the two had been inseparable, even suffering through two miscarriages, and never having any children. [Full Text]

Program seeks to keep seniors at home, saves state money

A simple program run by volunteers is saving the state millions of dollars every month, but its funding is constantly short. The budget was cut more during the government shutdown in October, restricting the Russellville-based program. [Full Text]

EAAA director remembered

Ed Doman, 67, passed away on Nov. 8. He was the executive director of the East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging (EAAA) in Jonesboro. He will be deeply missed among aging advocates and the elderly who he served. [Full Text]

Ornithologist receives honorary degree

Frances James, an internationally known researcher and one of the first women to receive a doctorate in biological sciences at the University of Arkansas, will be recognized with an honorary degree during the university’s fall commencement ceremony. [Full Text]

Lifeline phone program at risk

When Arthur Carter returned to Arkansas after serving overseas in the Air Force, he didn’t have a phone. “As a veteran, I had trouble readjusting to life at home,” Carter said. [Full Text]

HealthRHYTHMS program beginning

The Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Arkansas is excited to introduce HealthRHYTHMS into the state of Arkansas. Staff and volunteers of senior centers recently became trained as facilitators for the HealthRHYTHMS program. [Full Text]

New alert: Scammers posing as IRS agents

According to the Internal Revenue Service, a phone scam to steal money from innocent people is being reported in almost every state in the country. [Full Text]

PTSD patients wanted for tai-chi study

A new study at UAMS seeks to find if moving meditation can help people with post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition to PTSD patients, researchers are also seeking people with chronic pain for the study on how the ancient Chinese exercise, called moving meditation or tai chi, can help their symptoms. [Full Text]

Save on heat costs during the winter

Winter is here and that could mean higher energy costs. There are many ways to keep your house heated in the wintertime while keeping energy bills low. Inviting the electric company to take a look at your home is one way to begin. [Full Text]

Two honored by Services for the Blind

Pocahontas woman Pocahontas resident Carol Carroll has been named the area’s Department of Human Services Division of Services for the Blind (DSB) Consumer of the Year. “I’ve always taken pride in contributing to my community,” said Carol Carroll of Pocahontas, who is visually impaired and has a history of service. [Full Text]

Party foods for the holiday season

My dad loves the Christmas season. Actually he loves the holiday parties. He has a party lined up to go to every Friday and Saturday in December and two on New Year’s Eve. Why so many? The various hosts and hostesses know he’s single and at a wiry and spunky 78, a good catch so they try to do some mistletoe matchmaking at the parties. But he goes, not for all the ladies, but for the food. He loves holiday appetizers, snacks, treats, cookies, cakes and a nice icy eggnog to wash it all down. [Full Text]

Learned helplessness

Dignity is important to us, and yet so many people with Alzheimer’s disease or any chronic disease lose dignity as a result of learned helplessness. Caregivers who structure days with chores or meaningful activities that are safe and within the person’s ability may have care-recipients who are more content. As you know, nothing is guaranteed, but when provided the opportunity to participate we encourage independence. Independence is a Petri dish for confidence, self-esteem and personal value. [Full Text]

Open house Dec. 10

The Strachota Senior Center, located at 801 East Eighth in Pine Bluff, is having their “Christmas Open House” Tuesday, Dec. 10 from 5 to 7 p.m. [Full Text]

Grants will help fund community improvements

Gov. Mike Beebe presented grants totaling $3.3 million to 16 Arkansas cities and counties at a ceremony held today at the State Capitol. [Full Text]

Caregiver group meets on Tuesdays

An Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group meets every third Tuesday at North Metro Medical Center in the education building.  The address is 1400 Braden in Jacksonville. Each session, the group briefly touches a subject related to dementia. Stories are shared and questions are welcome. People caring for those with a related dementia are also welcome.

Free diabetes education offered

The Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Arkansas (AAANWA) has begun a free Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program in Boone, Madison and Searcy counties. [Full Text]

Christmas Poetry

Holiday Bliss Excitement floods the season In nations of the earth For Christmas is the reason To herald Jesus’ birth. The universe is glowing In seasons’ message clear; Rejoicing, prompting, knowing That Christmas is near. [Full Text]